Landing Pages that Convert

15 Aug

The Web team and the Marketing team must work together to build a better landing page. In the past, at my company anyway, landing page creation has been slow and the editing process cumbersome. The teams also have been unable to truly gauge successes, further obstructing landing page innovation and creating a frustrating logjam.

What was the problem? Marketing needed landing pages that were uniquely styled, quick to create and can be tracked. As online marketing efforts mature, landing pages need to be produced quickly — and the Web team’s workload and Marketing timelines on new campaigns don’t always mesh.

Our new goal is for the Marketing staff to gain the knowledge and ability to align its efforts with trends and industry news.

Solution to the logjam: The teams developed a system that put the power back in the hands of the Marketing Department. The web team designer and developer worked closely with the social manager and marketing designers to build a template that allows the marketing team to create landing pages just by swapping out titles, images and text. New templates can be developed based on design requirements, use-case and need. See our work at

Education is the solution for making more effective landing pages:

The teams are in a period of learning together, discussing the idea that an online landing page is more than just a flyer in digital form. Landing pages need, among other things, to have a clear call to action. If valuable resources are going to be applied to creating the pages, it should be crystal clear to users what they should do once they find the page.

For those interested in diving deeper into landing pages, here are some articles for you:


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